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Tyler Banken is a National Award Winning Landscape Designer, Outdoor Living Expert, and T.V. Host seasoned at envisioning creative uses and potential for outdoor spaces. From open acres to tight urban spaces, and from patios to interior plant decor, Tyler has designed it all. Known for his great communication with clear design explanations and close relationships with clients, Tyler’s knowledge of outdoor living trends and the “ability to think like his clients” has pushed him to become an expert in his field. Tyler’s mission is to help his clients envision a unique outdoor space they will enjoy and love; as well as connect with his viewers to show them how they can bring the benefits of plants and the elements of our outdoor environment into their lives in an artistic way.

Tyler owns and operates his own landscape design company, Tyler Banken Design, and hosts, produces, and edits all of his own media material found on his social media platforms (@thetylerbanken). A web series titled “GreenTtime” featuring landscape transformations, fun DIY projects, and plant tips was Tyler’s original “green” web series. He has now built “Garden Party T.V.” (@gardenpartytv on Instagram) which combines “cheers-ing” people who have positively impacted their community and surprising them with a new look for their outdoor space. Tyler is currently planning “Yard Sale” – a web series that will focus on sprucing up curb appeal for houses listed on the market and is working with a new charity, Nation of Love, who strives to help children and pregnant mothers by improving halfway/temporary housing units through construction and property renovation. Tyler has also volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization. Tyler was brought on by TikTok in 2020 as a paid content creator for the Creative Learning Fund, producing educational videos for plants and green living and has appeared on Good Day L.A. and Hollywood Westlake as a guest design/outdoor living expert and has also been featured in articles in Martha Stewart Living, Reader’s Digest, and CNN Underscored. 

Originally from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Tyler comes from a hardworking, middle America, “good ol’ boy” background. At age 11, he started his own lawn mowing business in his neighborhood, pushing the mower up and down the street to neighbor’s houses, and eventually went on to college at the University of Missouri and then on to graduate school at Texas Tech University where he attained his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture. Tyler has designed and installed projects from Texas, Missouri, Kansas, and Georgia to New York, California, New Zealand, and Australia.  At Tyler Banken Design, he ignites his passion for excellent design with his specialties: creating curb appeal with a pop, designing relaxing pockets and outdoor rooms, and providing clean designs that illustrate form and function.

Tyler makes it his mission to continuously spread the green and the power of beautiful outdoor spaces. Through the exposure to the artistry of plants at a young age at his uncle’s flower shop and his grandparents’ dedicated gardening habits, Tyler has witnessed the power of plants. “Plants are there in happy times – weddings, in sad times – funerals, at celebrations – holidays, and they define our unique outdoor spaces – landscapes” says Tyler.

For Tyler the driving force behind his brand is knowing the positive impact of quality outdoor spaces on our health and happiness – “I just want to share my gift and help people have a nice outdoor space where they can just relax, meditate, entertain, or forget about life for awhile.”


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