How to Make an Air Plant Arrangement in a Glass Globe

I love a good home accent piece, especially when it incorporates an air plant in a glass globe! Air plant arrangements make a great addition to any interior accent piece as they aren’t messy, easy to maintain, and strikingly good looking! Today I’m going to explain how you can make an air plant arrangement for under $25 in under 10 minutes. This arrangement makes the perfect gift – wedding, birthday, anniversary – anyone with a home would enjoy having this as an accent piece.

Gather Your Arrangement Materials

First up, let’s gather our materials. Pick out your hanging terrarium/globe – I picked up a medium sized hanging globe from my local nursery for $8. When it comes to air plant selection – depending on the size of your globe, you can do a single air plant or an arrangement of multiple ones. I picked up a bag of preserved moss for a base and some pebbles for an accent. The bag of moss will last you for several different types of DIY plant projects, so know that when you are buying the bag, you will get many uses!

Build Your Air Plant Arrangement

Let’s start with our base. I’m going to pull pieces of my preserved moss out and place it on the bottom of the globe to act as the base of the arrangement. It’s okay if you place them in different size pieces. Hold up your globe from time to time to fine tune the positioning. The moss helps to soften the floor of the glass globe and bring in different shades of green.

After the moss is placed, let’s go ahead and add our pebbles. There is no wrong way to do this – you can add as many or as few pebbles as you would like. Don’t limit yourself to just pebbles either, you can also do shells/sticks or any other kind of accent you may want inside. I’ve chosen the pebbles for this project as I like how they give a different texture and color variation as well as help to keep our moss stable!

Okay now it’s time for the star of the show – your air plant! Make sure to place the plant in a way that compliment the viewpoint of the globe opening. The globe is visible from all angles, so the air plant’s structure will really be the spotlight.

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Maintain the Beauty

Air plants are such a breeze when it comes to maintenance – this is one of the main reasons I love incorporating them in my interior pieces. All you have to do is take your air plant out every 7-10 days and soak it for 15 minutes. Then turn it upside down to dry for 15 minutes, then place it back in. So easy! It’s always a good idea to also consult your local nursery on care specific for your air plant as larger ones may need more water time/care, etc. Also you if as your air plant grows, it will sprout roots. This may seem odd since there is no soil, but you can trim the roots back no problem if you want to give your air plant a “cleaner” look.

I guarantee if you made this as a gift the recipient will love it! Or if it’s for your own home, you’ve just created a great conversation piece! The best part is that you have created it yourself, now sit back a relish the beauty of your creation!

Make sure to check out the video on our Facebook and YouTube page for step by step illustration of building this air plant arrangement!



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