Landscape Planning in the Winter? YES! 

The winter months may not seem like the time to think about anything outside, especially if you live in a colder climate, but if you’re planning to upgrade your landscaping this Spring now is the time to get with it. Why? Here are a few main reasons I recommend starting your landscape design process in the Winter:


1. The design process can take way longer than you think. There are so many options when it comes to landscaping – plant selection, paver color, boulder shape, and endless color, just to name a few. As you learn more about the possibilities of your future landscape, the decision making process may be more involved/prolonged. By starting to narrow down your landscape style preferences during the off-season, you’ll be a step ahead when it becomes install time!

2. Installation Availability. If you’re hiring a local company to install your landscape, call them in the winter. Not only will you probably get better one-on-one attention from the company since it’s the off-season, but you’ll also be the first on their books for Spring installs. Many companies book on a first come, first serve basis. The last thing you want to happen is to have your landscape installed and then have to wait until the next Spring to actually enjoy it. Be the first on the list!

3. Material Selection / Availability. When you plan early, you’ll be first in line for material availability too. Are you wanting a paver that has to be shipped in from the East Coast or maybe a high-demand evergreen shrub that everybody will want their hands on come Spring time? Now is the time to get your design going so you can go ahead and place the order for your materials. Pre-ordering now will ensure delivery for a first up Spring installation. Some places may even offer a discount if you place your material order during the off season!

4. Property Visibility. Are you planning to just rip it all out and start anew? If you live in a place where (mostly) everything in your landscape goes dormant in the Winter, then the cold season is a perfect planning time. The limited plant material seen in the winter months allows you to visualize your new landscape better, sense half of your plants are dormant. Also, as a designer I can tell you – a blank slate is a designer’s dream!

5. Prepped and Ready for Outdoor Enjoyment. The more time you have to plan your landscape before Spring, means the more chance you’ll be able to enjoy it in the Spring/Summer months – which is the whole point of your new landscape, right? By getting your planning done early, you’ll be on track to get the most out of your new and improved outdoor space!


Many landscape companies are eager to help folks get a plan together during the Winter months, so take advantage of that! Many people don’t think about renovating their landscape until they are outdoors in the Spring. Also, if your project includes hardscaping (paver patio, concrete, retaining walls, etc.) your landscape company may actually be able to install some of this during the winter months and then come back in Spring when it’s safe to get your plants in the ground.


We can design your landscape no matter how far apart we are located! Contact Tyler today and he can help you get on the right track for your new landscape design!