Quick and Easy Succulent Arrangement Guide

Are you in need of a quick gift idea? Or maybe you’re looking for a new small plant for your desk or compact patio table? This is your guide for a quick and easy succulent arrangement! Succulents are my go-to plant gift ideas – there are so many different things you can do with them! A simple glass bowl with a single succulent plant can be the answer! In this post, I’ll explain to you a brief overview for putting together a few of my succulent creations!

Find Your Succulent

I always recommend heading to your local nursery to check out the selection for your plant choice. For this project in particular, you can purchase a small sized succulent – remember, our goal for this gift is quick, cheap, and easy! There are so many different varieties of succulents and they come in so many different cool colors and textures – make sure to choose one that reflects the gift recipient’s taste!

Snag Some Soil

While you are at the nursery, it’s a good idea to go ahead and pick up some soil. Many nurseries carry a type of soil that is specially blended for succulent plantings and proper drainage. If this is available at your nursery, I say go for it! One bag will allow you to make several arrangements! If you’re unable to find a specific succulent blend soil, I recommend getting some potting soil, some sand, and some pea pebbles so you can make your own succulent blend soil. If this is the route you are taking, in a bowl I mix a 50/50 blend of the soil and sand and then add in a few pebbles. Before putting the soil in my planter, I put about a half an inch (at least, depending on height of container) of pea gravel to help with drainage. The pea gravel lining is especially important if you’re planting in a glass container or a container without a drainage hole.

Choose Your Container

I really like to reuse materials… I also really like to save money! That being said, you can find me at Goodwill or a thrift shop when it comes to purchasing a container for my succulent plant. I have found so many steals shopping at these places – I’m talking a glass bowl for .99 cents or a full size glass vase for $2.99. Another good thing about shopping at these places: their inventory is always changing! So you never know what unique piece you’ll be able to find! Don’t be afraid to “think outside” on this – make an old serving dish into a full succulent centerpiece, the options are endless!

Put it All Together

When it comes to a simple arrangement like this one, once you have all of the materials, it only takes a few minutes to construct the final project. First thing is making sure your container is clean and free of tags from the store, etc. Next add in your pebbles (see above about pebble drainage lining the bottom of the container) and succulent mix soil. I usually fill the container halfway with soil first, before I begin planting my succulent. I take a spoon or use my fingers to gently pat the soil to help it compact a bit. Up next I remove the succulent from its nursery container and nestle it into the soil in the container. As I hold the succulent in place, I add more soil around it until is it stable to stand on its own. Once the succulent is stable, I add more soil around its base and continue to lightly compact. When it comes to fill level, I stop the top of the soil line just barely before the top of the container – this allows me to add a top dressing to the soil – usually pea pebbles or sand. The top dressing is not a requirement, but can be one way to help “dress up” and help stabilize the succulent in place.

Gift it!

You’re all set and ready to roll! If you are planning on giving this as a gift, there are so many different uses – home accent, desk plant, table centerpiece. The best part is, you can tell the gift recipient the ease of maintenance for this succulent arrangement. I keep mine outside on my patio year round (luckily I can do that in Southern California) and only water them about once every 1.5 – 2 weeks. Yes, WEEKS! They are super easy. One tip for watering – you don’t want to over-water succulents and they love good drainage, so when you water them – let them get bone dry, then soak them, then let them get bone dry again. This process of extreme water/drought periods is what stimulates root growth in succulents!

We are always happy to help you out! Contact us if you have any questions at all. Succulents are one of my top favorites, so I promise this will not be the last post on them!! 🙂

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