Top 4 Reasons to Have a Water Feature in Your Landscape

Water features come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. One of the first reasons I fell in love with landscaping was because of the peace and tranquil feeling I got when I experienced water features. From a young age I was fascinated by small backyard fish ponds and as I grew older I found myself searching out and finding water features at resorts and entrances to parks and neighborhoods. I love incorporating water features into my landscape designs. Here are my top reasons that you should consider incorporating a water feature in your landscape!


Soothing Sounds

Water features have the ability of bringing the sounds of nature to your own little slice of the earth. Many relaxing noise machines feature the sounds of water and waves for a reason – it has a soothing/relaxing effect. By having your own water feature in your landscape you can drown out some of your neighborhood noises such as traffic or loud neighbors! When you have your own water feature, you have unlimited access to the peaceful sounds it can produce.

Attract Natural Wildlife

When you add a water feature to your landscape, you are actually enhancing your local ecosystem! Flowing water can attract fun critters such as birds, rabbits, and squirrels. If you’re wanting to add a water feature to your landscape, chances are you’re already a nature lover. Attracting wildlife allows for you to have creatures to observe and give them a (much needed) drink of fresh water or a bath!

Environmental Quality

Incorporating a flowing water feature such as a waterfall, can help improve air quality by releasing negative ions. Negative ions are odorless and invisible molecules that we inhale which have stress relieving effects on humans. When many of us want to relax and get away, we think beach or lake, knowing the effects of negative ions explains why we gravitate towards water for our relaxation needs. Evaporation from water also produces these negative ions – who knew a simple water feature could have such a profound effect on our health!

Curb Appeal

Adding a water feature to your landscape can add positive vibes to your curb appeal and your home’s value! Having a water feature in your landscape increases your property’s appearance and makes your property more attractive to would-be buyers, giving you a competitive edge in the market. Water features also make a property unique, which makes for a memorable space.


Having a water feature in your landscape can yield many advantages for it’s users. As a designer, I would highly suggest consulting an expert when it comes to installing a water feature on your property. Having a designer insight can make sure you install the proper style of water feature to match your landscape. For example, if you’re wanting a more natural water feature with natural stone, plants, and a waterfall, the design placement is important to make sure the “natural” feel is achieved. If you’re wanting to incorporate a more formal water feature for a focal point or a small patio space, it’s important to make sure the water feature style matches the landscape style – a contemporary water feature can be complimented by having symmetrical pot placement, etc. There are so many different design options when it comes to water features, it’s important to explore all of the possibilities and then install the one you feel will work best for your space. Make sure to consult us for design needs! Send us photos and we can help to give you designer advice and pointers for your next water feature project!

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