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designer + Outdoor Living expert + host


Tyler Banken’s fun and engaging personality has allowed him to connect with his audience through T.V. appearances and his videos on social media. As a landscape designer and outdoor living expert, Tyler shares his wealth of knowledge in many forms from sharing simple plant tips to showing his viewers the design process for a million dollar landscape transformation. Tyler has always been a “people person” and is not ashamed to tell people that one of his favorite jobs was waiting tables in college! He holds his Masters degree in Landscape Architecture. Tyler shares most of his videos on his Instagram (10.1K followers) and TikTok (10.6K followers), all of his social media can be found with the same handle: @thetylerbanken

Management: TKO Media – Tim Kessler – 323-304-4820

Agent: Taylor Talent Services – Blair Taylor or Shannon O’Dowd – 310-592-1068