OUTDOOR LIfestyle expert + HOST

My mission as an outdoor lifestyle expert and host is to connect with my audience to bring the benefits of plants and the elements of our outdoor environment into people’s lives in an artistic way.


Tyler Banken – outdoor lifestyle expert

 Through the exposure to the artistry of plants at a young age through his uncle’s flower shop, grandparents’ dedicated gardening habits, and many nature hiking trips, Tyler has witnessed the power of plants and our natural environment. “Plants are there in happy times – weddings, in sad times – funerals, celebrations – holidays, and they define our unique outdoor spaces – landscapes” says Tyler. 

Videos and Hosting

More than just design, Tyler wants to help bring his knowledge to everyone.  He hosts his own series, “greenTtime” where he regularly posts videos to help people learn, experiement, and grow with nature.

Having plants around your home environment allows you enjoy your own little slice of nature.

Join Tyler as he teaches you about landscaping techniques, plants for your climate, and DIY projects that use plants to brighten your life and the life of the environment around you.